Good news from Wymondham, Norfolk.

The 9th of December a Labrador named Jess surprised her owners after she carried a fawn into their home. The weather was quite harsh, and the fawn would not have survived for much longer.

Eventually, the little animal was brought to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham where it was named Tinsel.

Tinsel was lucky

According to the charity’s vet, Chris Lehrbac, Tinsel was very lucky because he wouldn’t have survived in the wild and the Labrador managed to bring it to safety without causing any harm.

Chris commented

“It is just a few days or weeks old. We don’t know what happened to its mother, whether she died or ran off.

The trained Labrador didn’t do it any harm at all. It brought it back safely, which it’s designed to do.

The deer is feeding well on goats’ milk and bonding with the people at Hillside. It will now live, hopefully, a very long and happy life there.”

Christmas time!

Click here to see the video on the BBC.

Tinsel rescued