OKATIE. A man needs to thank an improbable hero for saving his life: a labrador!

What happened?

Mason Ringer was on a lunch break with his friends and they decide to go for a little ride on the boat on the Okatie River. Unfortunately, the boat capsized as “One of the guys went to stand up to change his position in the boat, and the wind came and the boat flipped over and put all of us in the water.”

Ringer was struggling to get back to the dock as he was swimming against the current and he stopped swimming feeling it couldn’t make it.

I asked God to help me

Then Mason recalled that “I rolled over on my back and I closed my eyes and said a prayer to God asking him to help me somehow. Then I heard the dog bark on the dock.”

Apparently, his savior jumped in the river while Mason was in the water already for one hour and… “When I saw the dog was coming in, I was skeptical thinking I am going to drown this dog while he was trying to save me,” Ringer remembered. “It was almost effortless for him to pull me in.”

“I saw the dog the next day. He recognized me. He was staying close to me for a little while.”

What a great story!