Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Dog having fun with tree

Happiest dog of the world?

People are looking for happiness when they buy expensive stuff, but life is much easier than that. The proof is this lovely dog that is just extremely happy having fun with a tree. Fantastic video https://www.facebook.com/hypedojodotcom/videos/1592303951061343/

Baby dear saved by Labrador is in great health

Good news from Wymondham, Norfolk. The 9th of December a Labrador named Jess surprised her owners after she carried a fawn into their home. The weather was quite harsh, and the fawn would not have survived for much longer. Eventually, the...

Giant Panda has fun ahead of Christmas

It’s Christmas time for everyone! Also for pandas! In Toronto, something funny happened at the zoo when a panda decided to play with the snowman. Initially, our panda scratched a bit his “counterpart” to then conquer his toy before producing...

Man dives in ice-cold water to save dog from drowning

Great stuff in Crema where a man didn't hesitate (much) to dive in ice cold water at -5C (23F) among strong winds in Simferopol to save a dog from certain death. The video has already recorded almost 200k views. Well done!


Muslims and Christians work together to help homeless in the UK

We have another fantastic example of how religious groups should work together to help the world. Things are getting nicer and nicer in the UK...


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