George Michael has been an immense inspiration for many in the last 30 years. Besides being a fantastic singer, the Brit wasn’t shy to publicly admit that he was gay after an ‘episode’ in Los Angeles. This helped a generation not to ostracize homosexuality.

Even if the last years of George Michael were not easy, after his sudden death occurred three days ago, many reports emerged about his incredible generosity.

The Brit didn’t like to make headlines with his charitable work and donations, and he always asked people to remain anonymous. Apparently, the Brit was a dedicated philanthropist that used to make large donations. Michael’s effort wasn’t only about giving money, but he put a lot of personal work in it sometimes going himself to help the homeless.

Among the charities he quietly aided were Macmillan Cancer Support, Childline, and the London-based HIV-awareness organization Terrence Higgins Trust.

The profit that came from his 1996 song “Jesus to a child” went straight to Childline. Apparently, Michael donated millions over the year to the charity with the promise that no one outside the organization would know about the source of this money.

This is only a drop in the ocean as the pop star was quietly donating money to other charities, to people in medical need or in debt. The donations were often done to strangers.

Probably, George Michael was even bigger than we thought… and that was enormous.

Why did he want to remain anonymous?

George didn’t like the hypocrisy of celebrities. Once he commented

“Everyone’s got really pissed off listening to celebrities patting each other on the back saying how generous they are being.And they are right to.”