If you think that nannies are no good for children, you can think again.

Something very special happened to little Talia Rosko that had abiliary atresia, “a life-threatening condition in infants in which the bile ducts inside or outside the liver do not have normal openings.”

Her new angel, Kiersten Miles, decided to donate part of her liver to the little child even if she was her nanny only for three weeks. Kiersten took the decision after she realized that she had the same blood type as Talia. After few tests, Kiersten’s liver was considered compatible with Talia, and the nanny decided to make a move and proceed with the donation.

Talia’s parents couldn’t believe how selfless the nanny was. The mother, Farra, commented

“I was very taken aback,” Rosko said. “I didn’t know that she was this selfless – I’ve come to find out that this is who she is. She really is an angel on earth; I know that sounds silly, but she really is.”

After the removal of this little part of her liver,  Miles wanted to see the little Talia

“I don’t know if it was all the emotions building up over time, but I asked one of the surgeons if I could see Talia,” Miles said. “He told me that I could definitely see her in the next couple of days. He said she was doing great. And when he left, I just started bawling.

“I think I was just really happy and really relieved at the same time.”

The operation went well. Even if Talia will probably need to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life, she really needs to give a big hug to her newfound angel.