We have another fantastic example of how religious groups should work together to help the world.

Things are getting nicer and nicer in the UK where Muslims groups are teaming up with Christian groups to help the needy population.

A few days ago we had the news about Muslim Aid and East London Mosque in Whitechapel handling 10 tons of food to the homeless (90% are estimated to be non-Muslim).

Muslim Aid is now serving biryanis and giving out kits containing sleeping bags.

How the world should be

St Thomas vicar Dr. Bob Mayo commented “It was a glimpse into how the world should be.

There is so much negative publicity surrounding Islam going on at the moment, so we really encourage them to come in and maximize what they’ve got.”

charity’s manager Salma Ravat

“It’s really important that all these different faiths work together. It builds community; people getting to know each other, sharing values and sharing morals.

Working together, you find out more of what you have in common with one another than what your differences are.”