Muslim businessman put up $24,000 Christmas Tree in honour of the Iraqi Christians

Another nice touch from the Muslim community as a Muslim businessman, Yassir Saad, erects tallest Christmas Tree in honour of the Iraqi Christians. According to Yassir, he aims at "joining our Christian brothers in their holiday celebrations and helping Iraqis forget their...


Fantastic touch. We hope somebody else will get the inspiration...

VIDEO. Guys Give Out $100 Tips to Fast Food Workers

Nice touch just ahead of Christmas

Muslims donate 10 tonnes of food in charity for homeless at Christmas

We can't confuse all Muslims with some meaningless terrorists. We have a fantastic news in London where the Muslim Aid and the East London Mosque in Whitechapel have organized a charity drive to collect food donations. Eventually, the drive collected 10 tonnes that will...

Man dives in ice-cold water to save dog from drowning

Great stuff in Crema where a man didn't hesitate (much) to dive in ice cold water at -5C (23F) among strong winds in Simferopol to save a dog from certain death. The video has already recorded almost 200k views. Well done!

Wealthy businessman builds 90 homes for homeless to celebrate his daughter’s wedding

Weddings in India are always rather lavish, and the family always aims at leaving great memories. Ajay Munot wanted to spend Rs 70 to 80 lakhs for her daughter's wedding, but instead he decided to use his money in a more productive...
Bill Gates give 1bil

Bill Gates to donate $1Bil Fund for new technology aimed at climate chage

Bill Gates is not new of giving back to the community. The Billionaire philanthropist will announce on Monday that he will set up a new fund of $1Bil that will invest in technologies aimed at tackling the climate change (an answer to Trump's...