Great stuff from Adidas as the famous shoemaker decided to do something “extremely sustainable.”

As we all known, the oceans are plagued with tons and tons of plastic waste. Adidas decided to do something extremely innovative to produce and sell 1 million shoes made of ocean plastic.

Apparently, each pair of shoes reuses the materials left by 11 plastic bottles.

Adidas is partnering with Parley that is working hard on recycling the ocean plastic and make it “sexy.”

According to Parley’s website

Today, a sexy product made in an eco innovative way can be the most efficient advertising for a cause. It is a proof of concept for new technologies or materials and creates strong media attention. Additionally, Parley partner products made with Ocean Plastic reposition recycling materials as desirable and contribute to the funding of AIR. An extensive research and development program focuses on up-cycling of marine plastic debris, prevention and interception of microplastic, and new models that can disrupt traditional plastic product categories. To end the cycle of plastic pollution for good, Parley and its partners are working on the development of new materials which can replace current plastic.


You can buy these shoes from here