Incredible news from the scientific world as apparently a way has been found to stop hurricanes!

This is a fantastic news as in the last decades we have witnesses scores of hurricanes killing thousands of people.

How hurricanes can be stopped

Apparently, hurricanes form when the temperature on the ocean’s surface reaches the 26.5° Celsius. Therefore, the “obvious” way to stop them is to cool down the temperature of the ocean as soon as a hurricane is forming.

The method has been developed by a group of Norwegian scientist working for the SINTEF Ocean. One of the senior researchers, Grim Eidnes, commented

“Climate change is causing sea surface temperatures to increase. The critical temperature threshold at which evaporation is sufficient to promote the development of hurricanes is 26.5°C. In the case of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in the period August to September 2017, sea surface temperatures were measured at 32°C.”

How to lower the temperature

Many ideas have been developed and probably the most suggestive one is bringing Arctic glaciers into tropical waters, but SINTEF has its own idea: “bubble curtains.”

SINTEF has this idea of planting big pipes in the ocean that will release bubbles that will cool down the sea temperature while going up.

“Our initial investigations show that the pipes must be located at between 100 and 150 meters depth in order to extract water that is cold enough” they explained. “By bringing this water to the surface using the bubble curtains, the surface temperature will fall to below 26.5°C, thus cutting off the hurricane’s energy supply.”

Have you got a better idea than this?